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Our Story


The Michigan Outfitter was born out of a deep love for the state of Michigan. Michigan is diverse and unique, and offers an abundance of natural beauty, big cities, craft breweries, and space for outdoor adventures – what more could anyone want? 

Every design, every product, and every interaction we have as a company is meant to celebrate, honor, and represent this amazing area. We don’t design the expected Michigan-souvenir-shop designs that people are used to seeing, and we take pride in that. You won’t find any block lettering or “I Love Michigan” shirts here, the world has a surplus of those, anyways. We want to bring you something innovative and artistic with each of our designs.

We work around the clock to provide original, creative, 100% unique designs that have been lab tested and scientifically proven to unite MSU and U of M fans in a single love for their shared state. We drafted a team of Michigan-born wolves and coyotes to scour the globe for the perfect clothing and accessory products to put our designs on. They got distracted, but we found a web search and some product testing did the trick. We package each order with materials made from the sands of Michigan’s beaches and the beautiful fall foliage found in the U.P.*

Finally, each customer who purchases from us can be assured that we send their product specially wrapped up with a whole lot of love from one Michigan aficionado to another. 

Meet the Designer

I’m Bryan, founder and designer at The Michigan Outfitter. I’m Michigan born and raised, and I’ve spent my life working as an artist and a graphic designer. 

When I’m not designing or working, I’m a husband, father, friend, and constant explorer of the great state of Michigan. I fancy myself as an artistically inclined adventurer, and I love travelling anywhere and everywhere in Michigan, taking in the state’s amazing natural beauty in the great outdoors. 

I love this state, and I want that passion to come through in my clothing. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer as much as I enjoyed creating it. 


Founder, The Michigan Outfitter

...and here is a little more.

Voyage Michigan Magazine feature.

*This may be a stretch of the truth, but we swear we’re not that far off base, here. We put a lot of extra effort to make your experience with The Michigan Outfitter super awesome and incredibly special.