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Michigan Ranks #2 in America for Worst Winter

November 29 2022

Michigan Winter map
Michigan Winter map

According to a recent article in Thrillist, our great state of Michigan has ranked #2 for America's worst winter. For Michigan locals who regularly encounter Michigan's "snowmageddons" or "snowpocalypses," this probably doesn't come as a shocking revelation. But hey, we Michiganders take pride in how terrible our winters are – somebody has to. So here’s a brief list of things about a Michigan winter all of us Michigan locals can be proud of: 

  1. Needing to wear 10-12 layers of clothing and 4 pairs of wool socks to take the kids to the bus stop. Hey, it always pays to be prepared. And after that five minute jaunt hauling the extra weight of all your layers you've pretty much gotten your work out in for the day. Congrats!
  2. Always shoveling the driveway as long as the snow drifts are 6 feet or less. Six feet is really our limit, though. Much more than that and you might as well just tunnel your way to work.
  3. Enjoying a lively day of snowmobiling even if the weather channel advised that being outside "wasn't safe" because of "hypothermia-causing temperatures." What's a little bit of hypothermia among friends? We're not going to let that mumbo-jumbo get in our way of a fun weekend of outdoor sports.
  4. Expertly drifting across black ice patches like we were born to drive for NASCAR. Bonus points if you teach your kids to put their hands up in the air like they're on a roller coaster. 
  5. Failing to understand when states farther south of Michigan's borders seemingly panic over their upcoming "snow storm." We Michiganders know that you'll need more than bread and milk to survive when you're trapped in your house for a week without power. And 44 degrees is not a polar plunge (looking at you, Arizona).
Michigan Winter Arizona Winter Brace Yourself
We're proud that someone finally recognized how epic Michigan winters are (thanks, Thrillist), but what truly deserves some recognition are the local Michiganders who endure the abnormally long 4-6 month winter stretch of pure gray, snowy, drizzling misery. We go through every day with a smile on our face. The smile may be literally frozen on our face, but it's there nonetheless.
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