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Summer Series: Break Out Your Bicycles

June 23 2017

If you're anything like us over at The Michigan Outfitter, you want to get outside and enjoy Michigan's summer sun! We're going to be putting together some blog posts over the next couple of weeks with ideas for different ways you can get outside and get active this summer - either alone, with family, or friends. Welcome to our Summer Series!

Whether you like hiking, walking, swimming, boating, or biking, Michigan has something for you! Today we wanted to focus on biking around Michigan. Did you know that there are over 2,700 miles of biking trails right here in the mitten? Here's our biking trail bucket list:

 1. Grayling Bicycle Turnpike

The Grayling Bicycle turnpike is a 10.2 mile long, 10-foot wide, paved trail. You can access it at many different points, but the Michigan Trails website recommends you start at Hartwick Pines State Park. The trail passes two separate lakes, so you won't be short on scenery for your ride.

2. Marquette City Multi Use Path

This is a 17 mile long paved path in the UP. If you're looking for something unpaved, the southern section of the trail connects with the South Trails Trailhead of the Noquemanon Trail Network, which has more "off road" types of trails for you mountain bikers.

3. Kalamazoo River Trail

Who doesn't want to bike alongside the Kalamazoo River? This trail winds through natural preserve areas, parks, residential neighborhoods, and the downtown entertainment district. The trail is currently 22 miles long, all paved, and they're consistently adding to it. 

4. Downriver Linked Greenways East West Trail

This trail winds from Lower Huron Metropark to Lake Erie Metropark for 24.5 miles. If you're in the area, this trail is the perfect mix of river, forest, meadows, and beautiful bridges to keep your bike ride interesting. Plus, with limited amounts of city-riding and multiple access points, it's good for families, too. 

None of these trails piquing your interest? Check out this huge online resource of Michigan bike paths to find one close by (or far away if you're looking to take a trip!).

We're always looking to add new trails to our list of favorites. What's your favorite bike trail (paved or dirt) in Michigan? What makes it so awesome? Let us know!

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