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Spotlight on St. Ignace

July 27 2017

St. Ignace is just across the bridge and is a wonderful spot to visit if you're heading out on a Michigan summer road trip this season. The small city is surrounded by both Lake Huron and Lake Michigan and has several awesome attractions to check out with the family.

The Famous Mystery Spot

Yes, it's a little bit cheesy. But who doesn't love a cheesy roadside attraction? It's especially amazing if you're driving multiple kids across the state and they're getting antsy in the car. The Famous Mystery Spot has...well, if we told you it wouldn't be much of a mystery. 

Just kidding! We're all for ruining the surprise. It's a tour of the "spot," mini-golf, a maze, and there's a zip-line, as well. The perfect way to start your trip to St. Ignace! 

Deer Ranch

Who doesn't love cute deer? At the Deer Ranch you can buy cups of deer-friendly treats to feed them. Kids love getting to watch the baby fawns play. Staff is friendly, and the cost of entry isn't crazy expensive (Around $5/person to enter, $1 for a cup of deer food).


Castle Rock

If you're in St. Ignace, Castle Rock is a must-see. The rock itself is about 3 miles outside of St. Ignace proper (go North on 75). The stunning rock fixture overlooks the lakes - an absolutely stunning view. Additionally, they have the Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statues are there. That's a bucket list type of item!

Downtown St. Ignace

There's so much to do in downtown St. Ignace! To start, there's a very cool Native American museum that's worth a visit. There's also a ship museum and a lake snowmobile museum. If you're thinking of eating out, try Clyde's Drive-In. They're known for their delicious burgers (like their famous pizza burger) and are right next to the bridge.

Of course, this is just a small snapshot of St. Ignace. There's so much more to see and do! Being right on the water, there's ample opportunity for outdoor recreation and beach days. There are several lighthouses to go see and multiple festivals that go on every season. For more information and to plan your trip, head over to Pure Michigan to learn more about St. Ignace.


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