Michigan's Most Awesome Abandoned Places

Michigan has a lot of beautiful locations. Whether you're a lover of the great outdoors, or you're more of a B&B on Mackinac kind of person, there really is something for everyone. There are even several interesting abandoned places around the great mitten state. These eerie spots, highlighted in this article on Thrillist, hold interesting histories and stand in a state of preserved decay. 

Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital

The Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital opened in 1952 and closed 50 years later. Since then, it's sat in a state of abandoned ruin. The building became overcrowded in the 1970s and 80s, and eventually closed down. Historical accounts from people who knew someone at the hospital paint the establishment in a fairly negative light - the overcrowding due to the recession and cuts in funding led to overmedicated patients, understaffed shifts, and a generally unorganized system.

Many locals visit the hospital, although trespassing isn't permitted. Some say it's haunted, while others are just fascinated by the abandoned hospital and the state of preserved decay it currently is in. The hospital can be seen from the road, and it's not suggested that people try to go in. Rules against trespassing and the clearly placed "Do Not Enter" signs aside, the building is in bad shape with broken windows, a leaking roof, and a bad wildlife infestation, making it fairly dangerous.

Belle Isle Zoo

The Detroit Belle Isle Zoo originally opened in 1895, and was abandoned a little over a decade ago in favor of the new Nature Zoo in Belle Isle. The zoo was converted into a children's zoo after the still-standing Detroit Zoo opened in 1928. Now, the abandoned zoo is overgrown with a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife.

Some have called the abandoned ruins "nature's zoo" now, as wildlife has completely taken it over when it was shut down and left to decay. Scrappers have taken most of the metal that once was part of the zoo's buildings and structures, and the raised boardwalks that used to guide countless families to the zoo's big and busy attractions are now collapsing. 

For the full list of Michigan's 11 most amazing abandoned locations, be sure to head over to Thrillist and do some exploring!

Have you ever been to one of these famous abandoned spots on Michigan? What did you think? 



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