Less Than 10 Days till Summer in Michigan

Isn't that crazy? We officially have less than 10 days left. Summer starts "officially" on June 20th (although the crazy hot days we've been having lately lead us to believe otherwise). We wanted to do a kind of Michigan-summer-roundup for the occasion. Here are a few things to be thinking about now that summer is almost officially here!

Travel Plans

Are you going anywhere amazing this summer? If you are, let us know in the comments! We're always looking for cool places to go and new Michigan sites to see. But, if you're sitting there totally at a loss as to where you're going to pack the fam up to visit during the summer months, we have you covered with a few ideas:

  • Head to the UP. Whether you go to Traverse City, Mackinac Island, or get a little more outdoorsy with a trip to Isle Royale, up north is always a good choice.
  • Take a road trip. Michigan has so many cool spots - pack up the car and head out! And, of course, don't forget the road trip snacks.
  • Go camping. What better time is there to see Michigan's beautiful outdoors than summer? Days are long, nights are starry. Plus, if you don't want to take the kids to a campground you can always pitch a tent in your backyard for a more low-key "staycation."

Get Outside

Michigan has so many beautiful nature areas to explore - some of them are probably right in your own backyard! Whether you like adventuring on the water, taking a hike, or just walking around the block, make sure you get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Eat and Play Local

There's no doubt that summers in Michigan offer a ton to do. Take advantage of all the local eateries and events! Looking for a cool place to stop and grab a bite? 

But what about stuff to do?

Whatever you do this summer, we hope you enjoy it! 

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