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Hiking Isle Royale

May 16 2017

Michigan is filled with stunning natural beauty. From the great lakes to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, sprawling forests to the wide open fields, there is always somewhere beautiful to explore. One of Michigan's best-hidden gems is Isle Royale National Park. This small island is out on Lake Superior, between Michigan's UP and Canada. 

The only ways you can access the island is via sea plane or ferry. Both options have a rather restricted schedule, but are worth exploring. 

Cross-hiking the island is difficult, and there are essentially two trail options to pick from if you're looking to hike the length of the island. Of course, there are other, shorter trails, as well. It all depends on what you're looking for! Experienced backpackers who would like to hike across the island from Windigo to Rock Harbor (or the other way around) are looking at a 4-6 day hike that averages to be about 40 miles

Windigo does have campgrounds and some covered camping shelters, as well as a few "camper cabins." However, if you're not interested in tent camping, Rock Harbor Lodge is a beautiful place to stay. The lodge has both cottages and lake-facing rooms. They also have two restaurant options, fishing charters, and sightseeing tours available for visitors looking for some guided adventure. 

Isle Royale is a unique destination for any nature-lover or backpacking enthusiast. The island is full of interesting wildlife and gorgeous views. The moose and wolf population alone is often enough to pique the interest of travelers - and we can see why! Falling asleep to the sound of wolves howling on the island is pretty amazing. 

And, of course, that's not even taking into account the scenery! Isle Royale is an island in the middle of Lake Superior. However, at the center of Isle Royale, there is another lake with another island on it. So, yes, at some point you could be hiking on an island in a lake on an island that's in a bigger lake, which is pretty cool. Only in Michigan, right?

Have you ever hiked Isle Royale National Park? Do you have any other amazing Michigan hiking destinations you love? Let us know in the comments!


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Zoe Meggert




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