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20 Ways You Know You're a True Michigander

October 19 2016

Michiganders have a few undeniable identifying qualities. Whether you’re Michigan born and raised, or you’re just an enthusiastic Michigan-transplant, if you can say, “Yep, that’s me!” to any of the following on this list, your Michigan roots run deep.

  1. You know that you always have to dress in layers, because the weather changes from parka-and-snow boots to t-shirt-and-sandals in an afternoon. 

  2. You know that there are only two seasons: Winter and Construction.

  3. Your 4th of July plans always involve a lake.

  4. You believe that Vernors is actually a cure-all home remedy.

  5. You show people where you live on your handy dandy hand-map.

  6. Taking a sick day on the first day of deer season isn’t frowned upon. 

  7. Out-of-staters call your driving aggressive, you don’t understand how they get anywhere without going 80 mph on the highway. 

  8. When the party’s getting slow you always chime in with, “How about a round of euchre?”

  9. You know that missing a turn isn’t that big a deal when there’s another Michigan left a few hundred feet ahead.

  10. You think tying a plastic sled to the back of a four-wheeler is some good, quality winter fun.

  11. All of your vacations can be summed up by saying, “We’re heading up north for the weekend.”

  12. You know the difference between Michigan State and University of Michigan, and you root for one of them, never the other.

  13. Unless the other is playing Ohio State, then you feel okay about rooting for your rival team and hoping they win against the Buckeyes.

  14. If the idea of hiking around a lake on an island in the middle of a larger lake doesn’t seem at all odd to you. 

  15. You shop at Meijer at least semi-regularly.

  16. You make all company names possessive for no apparent reason, such as “Kroger’s.”

  17. You can swap venison into most beef-recipes and not realize the difference.

  18. You’ve used Canadian coins at the store and they’re always accepted.

  19. Both heat and A/C systems are not an optional feature in your home, and you often switch between them on any given day.

  20. The Pure Michigan radio commercials with Tim Allen make you tear up a bit every time, and you’re not ashamed of it.



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