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About Me

August 08 2014

     I’m outdoorsy and artsy fartsy (sometimes more fartsy if you ask my wife).  I was born and raised in 
Michigan and I’ve spent more than a decade designing t-shirts, logos, advertising, concert posters, beer labels, and other cool stuff.

In addition to my work, I’m a husband, father, friend, and tourist of this home of ours.  I love the natural beauty of our state and spend a lot of my free time traveling around it.  What I’ve found is that Michigan is full of great places with great people.  Inspired by this, I’ve created the Michigan Outfitter brand.  I love my state and all it has to offer and I want to represent that in my clothing.  

There are a lot of people like me looking to buy quality products that we believe in with a style that reflects our own.  Like our state, these clothes are laid back, comfortable, and attractive.


  • Meghan : July 26, 2015
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    I would love to carry your products in my store!

  • Carla: July 09, 2015
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    Found you at the Independence Township July 4th show! Came back to order and I am passing your name on! Good luck.

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