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10 Things Every Michigander Associates with Summer

June 12 2017

Summer is right around the corner, although "unofficial" summer is basically already here.

In Michigan, summer means several things - and not all of them are nationally recognized signs of summertime. Nope, these ten things are unique to the mitten. Do any of them make you think of sunny summer days? 

1. Water-Everything

In Michigan it's impossible to be more than a few miles from a lake at any given time, no matter where in the state you are. So, naturally, when summer rolls around we automatically associate the longer days and starry nights with lots of time by the water. Whether it's swimming, fishing, boating, or riding jet-skis, we pretty much live for splashing around as soon as the weather's hot enough! 

2. Tigers Games

Summertime for many is just "baseball season." Michiganders live for cheering on their Tigers all summer long. 

3. Bonfires

Believe it or not, bonfires are not as prevalent everywhere in the country. Some places in the United States that experience droughts aren't even allowed to have bonfires. Crazy, right? In Michigan, we all associate sitting around the fire pit (or a gigantic barn party bonfire) with the long, crazy nights of summer. 

4. Fireflies

These amazing little bugs don't live everywhere, but in Michigan we sure recognize them as a sign of summer. Kids (and, let's be honest, adults) chase them around and catch them in jars or tupperwares, making a make-shift nightlight. 

5. Outdoor Adventures

Maybe we're just all a little kooky from being cooped up inside all winter long. But in Michigan summer means being outside, and there's no better state to adventure in! There are countless trails, hiking and biking paths, and waterfronts or rivers to canoe. In the summertime, we Michiganders love to throw on our hats, pack the sunscreen, and set off into our next great exploration.

6. Camping

Michigan's natural beauty is amazing - and we love nothing more than staring at the stars from our tent or grilling out on the campsite with family and friends during the summer. It's time to soak it up!


7. Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes are nobody's favorite part of a Michigan summer, they sure are widely accepted as part of the deal. 

8. Family Trips (to Somewhere Else in Michigan)

While some people take big, crazy trips to other states or countries, in Michigan most people just drive to somewhere else...within the state. There's just so much to see and do! From the Silver Lake Sand Dunes to kayaking at Pictured Rocks, there are thousands of adventures all just a few hours away and completely accessible for the whole family. Summertime means loading everyone up in the car and road tripping somewhere awesome or visiting a cool new spot right in your own backyard.

9. Heat and Humidity

We know other places get hot in the summer - but do they get Michigan hot? That lake effect really traps us in the humidity bubble.


10. Construction

This one's kind of a given. After all, there really are only two seasons in Michigan - winter and construction. 

How do you know it's summertime in Michigan? Do you see, hear, or do anything awesome? Let us know!

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